FIFA 15: Learn how to earn more coins in Ultimate Team


FIFA 15 has as one of the main highlights of the Ultimate Team mode, with attractions such as players on loan signings and creating concept casts. And to make the most fifa coins and let your very strong team, you need to earn coins with their deeds. Therefore, the TechTudo gives some tips on how to make money in the game.

Review the post-game data

One new feature in FIFA 15 FUT is that now, after the games, you can see what made you gain a certain number of coins. He details his good performance and shows how many coins you earned by goals made, steals, certain passes, etc. Thus, the gamer has a better sense of what to do to the currency sum be bigger every game.

Dispute tournaments
As in previous editions of the game, the tournaments (online and offline) can be good sources of currencies. This is because, at the end of the competition, there is always bonus for the champion. And how are short shooting championships, are faster than the traditional dispute a season. They are therefore best to earn coins quickly. Especially in offline, that are easier.

FIFA Points
EA has banned people who try to cheat and buy third-party currencies in FIFA 15. If you want to spend real money, use it by buying FIFA Points to purchase packs of cards in the game. So certainly earn more coins. However, luck, of course, will have decisive factor in this. If you take good players in the packages will have a greater amount of coins collected in sales thereof.

Challenge Team of the Week
Each week, EA elect a Time Week with players who had an outstanding performance in the major leagues in the world. And you can challenge these teams with his team in FUT. Do this, especially on the highest difficulty, and if you win the game you will earn a lot of coins.

Sell players you do not use
Avoid automatically sell the cards you do not use your computer for, with quick sale option. She usually gives few coins. Always try to auction off the cards – and, of course, put in the minimum selling price what you gain in quick sale. So players will be sold for an amount that will give you a higher profit.

Buy bonus in the EAS FC
FIFA series has a system of experience points you will earn fifa 15 coins ps3 and that accumulates throughout the game. They can be exchanged for extra content in the EAS FC. And the game’s catalog has some bonus extra coins for a certain number of matches in FUT. Search and enable them to become rich quickly.

What is u Part Wig

What is u Part Wig

A lace cap and a U shaped opening human hair wigs

The function has the following u part wig advantages and different wigs than before

1 head parts increases the elastic net for adjusting cap comfort

2. For full lace woven time too long and the production cost high improvement for semi lace cap structure reduces the manual area reduces the production cost saving production time.

3 original full lace lace cap worn or half to be fixed u Part Wig double-sided adhesivedispense with the adhesive fixation process

To achieve the rubber mask over to leap without glue head

4. Lace hair covering line comprehensive improvement u part wig for sale than the original headgear more suitable to match the match effect is greatly enhanced with the fidelity rose to a new height.

5 the price is less than half of the old head.

Review: from the price received goods full lace wig time wear wear of rubber headgear realistic overall effect are greatly improved head. This is u part wig2015 years continued sales of reasons

What is a wig?

Wig belonging to the light industrial manufacturing industry belongs to the hair products, hair products industry: clockwork technology, man, women’s wig, hair pieces mannequin, synthetic hair, wig from the selected materials: human hair, human hair fiber, blending fiber

1 divided by the materials, and the real human hair. Chemical fiber wig is made of chemical fiber, fidelity, wear have urticant u part wig feeling, easy to react with the scalp. But cheap, shaping effect is lasting; human hair wigs is selected after the hair treatment innocent people made,its high fidelity, is not easy to tie, bureau, dye, perm hairstyle, convenience, price is higher,the qualitative effect is not very good.

2, according to the area and the wig wig piece. Wig is the whole with the wig, easy to wear,strong applicability, large covering area wide. Wigs can be made according to different needsin different shapes, different sizes of wig, optional sex is strong, high fidelity, good air permeability.

3, according to the method of making the extension hair weaves and hand hook. Weaving hair machine does. The general mass production, low price, but the reality is not ideal,relatively heavy, poor air permeability is easy to make the hair follicle obstruction, easy to tie a knot. Hand hook is pure hand hook system, high fidelity, good air permeability, comfortable to wear, but the price is relatively high.

4 in the process: half full lace wig mechanism of Jewish Wig Hair Lace Front Wig set piece oflace wig MONO the use of points: baby hair, wig wig wig, animation festival, men’s wigs

People in everyday life is sometimes used. Some people want to save their hair hair,conversion time, will wear a wig to convert different hair style. Hair loss or thinning hair and who will make your hair wig looks thicker, some local wig is designed for local people withalopecia. Due to the localized alopecia patients were male, and the u part wig for sale male hair loss is bald(commonly known as the “Mediterranean”), will make the appearance more old, so many baldmen will wear a wig, makes you look younger. Because cancer chemotherapy and hair, andalopecia areata (commonly known as “Gui Titou”) were also wearing a wig, former AV idol Ozawa E had alopecia and wearing a wig. Some people in order to reduce the number ofwhite hair dyed black hair and wear wigs cover local head out of the new long hair.

Some celebrities such as America country music singer Tori Barton (Dolly Parton), Americanactor Raquel Welch (Raquel Welch) to make a wig popular. In the past forty years USA singerCher wore a variety of hair blond to black — by, from hair to hair. Hongkong artist Lydia Sum’ssignature style is to wear a wig way to stay for 20 years, she has a wig for daily full lace wig replacement.The same is the artist Lydia Sum ex husband Adam Cheng is also wearing a wig habit for many years, to maintain normal hair image.

Some specific dress clothing also used wigs, especially easy to service men dressed as women often wear long wig, let oneself more feminine, and wore women’s clothing.

Wig maintenance

1, combing action to light

Wig before use should be combed, wearing a wig after slightly comb is good. General selection of comb wig sparse comb comb wig as well, should u part wig apply the method of obliquelateral comb, not straight comb, and the action must be light.

full lace wig

The wig (16)

2, do not use.

In order to prevent the wig off, some people like to use a barrette wig. However, hair can nottoo hard, otherwise, easy to hook bad wig net. Therefore, it is best not to use hair clips, can be used in the decoration of the wig wig to fix the hair band.

3, do not wash hand rub twist.Human hair full lace wig

Often wear wigs, usually half a month washing time is appropriate. Before washing, the first comb his wig combed, and then diluted solution wash u part wig for sale comb hair conditioner. Must not rubtwist, not to leave in the washing liquid to wash foam. The application of hands gently along the direction of hair rinse above the foam, and then dry, avoid exposure to sunlight.

But also prevent mildew, particularly in the south. With the ventilation room. Keep clean.

4, combing tool

In the sort of time must not use the full lace wig plastic comb, must use steel comb.full lace wigs

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