FIFA 15: Learn how to earn more coins in Ultimate Team


FIFA 15 has as one of the main highlights of the Ultimate Team mode, with attractions such as players on loan signings and creating concept casts. And to make the most fifa coins and let your very strong team, you need to earn coins with their deeds. Therefore, the TechTudo gives some tips on how to make money in the game.

Review the post-game data

One new feature in FIFA 15 FUT is that now, after the games, you can see what made you gain a certain number of coins. He details his good performance and shows how many coins you earned by goals made, steals, certain passes, etc. Thus, the gamer has a better sense of what to do to the currency sum be bigger every game.

Dispute tournaments
As in previous editions of the game, the tournaments (online and offline) can be good sources of currencies. This is because, at the end of the competition, there is always bonus for the champion. And how are short shooting championships, are faster than the traditional dispute a season. They are therefore best to earn coins quickly. Especially in offline, that are easier.

FIFA Points
EA has banned people who try to cheat and buy third-party currencies in FIFA 15. If you want to spend real money, use it by buying FIFA Points to purchase packs of cards in the game. So certainly earn more coins. However, luck, of course, will have decisive factor in this. If you take good players in the packages will have a greater amount of coins collected in sales thereof.

Challenge Team of the Week
Each week, EA elect a Time Week with players who had an outstanding performance in the major leagues in the world. And you can challenge these teams with his team in FUT. Do this, especially on the highest difficulty, and if you win the game you will earn a lot of coins.

Sell players you do not use
Avoid automatically sell the cards you do not use your computer for, with quick sale option. She usually gives few coins. Always try to auction off the cards – and, of course, put in the minimum selling price what you gain in quick sale. So players will be sold for an amount that will give you a higher profit.

Buy bonus in the EAS FC
FIFA series has a system of experience points you will earn fifa 15 coins ps3 and that accumulates throughout the game. They can be exchanged for extra content in the EAS FC. And the game’s catalog has some bonus extra coins for a certain number of matches in FUT. Search and enable them to become rich quickly.

FIFA 15 Team Rankings Our Top 5 Clubs At The Season’s


The European Fut Coins football season is a few matches past Fut 15 Coins the halfway mark at this point of the year, and the transfer window is open. Almost all of the clubs (sorry, Dortmund) you’d expect to be at the top of each league are right it in, and form and injuries have had their effects on the title race.

The best teams have shown off their high-end talent and displayed consistency through the first half of the season, yet the competitions in England, Spain, and France remain as close as ever. EA updates the team and player ratings in FIFA 15 to reflect real-life performance, and this part of the season is as good as any to see who’s on top. Our top five clubs are listed below, a combination of the current Matchday ratings and opinion on how effective the teams are in-game.

FIFA 15 predicts Swansea City will beat Chelsea


We’ve dusted Fut Coins off our crystal ball (Playstation 4) and come up with a rather pleasing prediction ahead of this weekend’s mouth-watering Fifa 15 Coins Premier League clash between the Swans and Chelsea.

Yep, it’s time to get yourself down the bookies because Wayne Routledge is going to make himself a Fifa 15 Coins PS4 hero early in the second half when he fires home the winner… maybe.

Using FIFA 15, we put Swansea up against Chelsea and let the computer play the game to determine who will come out on top.

Admittedly, this wasn’t the first simulation, or second, third, fourth or fifth. But after more 0-0 draws than you thought humanly possible, the Swans finally came out on top.

Unanimously to praise! FIFA 15 the first mainstream game media score Glance


EA Sports’s football masterpiece FIFA 15 so that players seem to have returned to the fiery passion of the World Cup in Brazil, and also brought many new upgrade experience. But the light so that players are not satisfied, have to make critical mainstream media were also blown away. Here we look at the first mainstream media game FIFA 15 rating it!fifa coins online

Gamespot – 8

IGN – 8.3

Eurogamer – 7

Game Informer -9.25

CVG – 9

God is a Geek – 8

Bleacher Report – 9.1

Covering the Spread – 8

Digital Spy – 4/5

SportsKeeda – 8.5 – 9/10

TSA – 9

Videogamer – 7

GamesRadar 4.5 / 5
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